Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birthday Anyone?

It is bright and sunny outside today! And I hope you are having a fantastic day! I just wanted to share these cards really quick with you. I made these birthday cards and invites in the past and never had a chance to show anyone. Now that I made this blog I can! Woot-Woot!!!! I made them for my ten year old neighbor who said her invited had to be classy but cute! I made some samples for her to look at and then let her choose. 

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Merideth from Scrappin' with a Cause

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  1. just found your blog over at Made by Momo I loved to be the first follower, please go to my blog and visit and hopefully you will follow me,

  2. You did an awesome job on theses projects! I hope you can come over to my blog and see my projects as well! I can't wait to continue to follow you to see all the wonderful projects you make.